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Everyone’s lives seem to run at full tilt nowadays. The pressure we’re all under means that making a simple mistake like putting the wrong fuel into your vehicle when time is short, is becoming more and more commonplace. The situation that we encounter most often is petrol in a diesel engine and occasionally, diesel in a petrol engine vehicle.

If you find yourself in this highly annoying situation then, if possible, don’t attempt to start the engine. In most cases the car or van will have had the engine started as, in general, this is the type of website you only come across when your wrong fuel Birmingham crisis has already happened, but don’t worry. If you are able to, park your vehicle off the road in a safe place and contact the Fuel Medic straight away. We’ll aim to be with you within the hour, prioritising vulnerable cases in potentially dangerous situations.

Usually, there won’t be any major damage to your vehicle fuel system if the wrong fuel has been added but it will probably require a fuel drain and fuel system flush.

Call the Fuel Medic on 0121 6290628 for an efficient, professional service

Our business is the fast and efficient removal of the wrong fuel type from cars or vans that have been misfueled and our experts can perform the correct procedure for draining of contaminated fuel from any type of vehicle, be they cars, vans, lorries, buses, motorcycles and even lawnmowers.
In the majority of cases, removing the fuel from a fuel tank is a straight forward enough task for the Fuel Medic Engineers and the Engineer attending your job will always fill you in with regards to what needs to be done to your particular vehicle if you have put the wrong fuel in, to correct the issue and ensure they are no subsequent problems.

All Fuel Medic Engineers started out as professional mechanics and have each spent a serious amount of time tackling vehicle misfueling issues. We have been called out to just about every different type of situation where motorists have accidentally filled up with the wrong fuel. Occasionally it’s a much loved classic car or an expensive sports car, we like to think that our numerous very successful years in the wrong fuel removal industry would give our customers the reassurance they need in a stressful situation when speaking to the Fuel Medic; we’ve been there and done it and we can arrange a fuel drain and fuel system flush for your vehicle engine and get you mobile again before you know it.

24 Hour Emergency Response Units for almost anywhere in the UK

You can call us out 24 hours a day and we cover all of Birmingham and the surrounding areas and, indeed, most of the UK through our carefully selected and vetted industry contacts. An experienced, friendly and highly professional fuel drain engineer will do their level best to get to you in an hour or less depending upon where your vehicle is located, and the time of day, unfortunately rush hour always poses a problem.

When wrong fuel type is accidentally added to a car or van fuel system, occasionally the Engine Control Unit (ECU) can be affected. If this happens, our high tech vehicle diagnostic system can be used to communicate with the ECU and identify any problems or issues with the car or van fuel system and we can then identify the best course of action before resetting the vehicle ECU.

We provide ongoing training for our Engineers as vehicle models and engines are being constantly updated. It is vitally important that we are fully up to date and run these regular training sessions with all of our mobile Engineers as, often, it is a new vehicle which has had the wrong fuel type introduced when motorists change their cars and each and every Engineer is always fully qualified to carry an SPA Passport. If an Engineer doesn’t have one of these it is illegal for them to carry out the fuel drain process on a petrol station forecourt.

If you are not totally sure of anything when speaking to a fuel drain Engineer, please do ask to see valid documentation or identification. Our Engineers offer this to all clients anyway, to provide peace of mind.

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