Petrol in a diesel engine? Some Sound Advice from the Fuel Medic

Petrol in a diesel engine or diesel in a petrol engine?


1. Keep Calm!

It’s common for people to panic when suddenly realising that they’re in a situation whereby they are going to be late for work, or that they can’t get the kids to school and it’s so easy to feel momentarily overwhelmed. The pressures of modern life mean that a simple mistake such as putting petrol in a diesel vehicle can happen to any motorist and these things tend to happen at the worst possible time. Fuel station forecourt staff members are often more than familiar with the issue where a driver has mistakenly put petrol in a diesel engine or, occasionally, diesel in a petrol engine and will readily assist in getting the misfuelled vehicle to a safe place on the forecourt whilst you wait a short time for the Fuel Medic Engineer to arrive.


2. If at all possible, please don’t turn on your ignition.

A lot of manufacturers recommend that you do not to even attempt to unlock your vehicle as this can prime the fuel pump system which results in the system sucking in the wrong fuel. If you have started your vehicle and driven away from the petrol station forecourt, which happens much of the time as most motorists don’t notice that they’ve accidentally put petrol in a diesel vehicle until the vehicle conks out on them some way down the road, pull over to the side of the road or off the road in a safe place. If the vehicle has stopped in the road and cannot be moved under its own power, we’ll prioritise getting to you as quickly as possible. In the meantime, put your warning lights on and, if you have one, put up your reflective warning sign, especially if it’s dark or a dull day.


3. Whatever fix you’re in, call the Fuel Medic without delay so that we can get to you as soon as possible.

Whatever the time of day and wherever you are, we will do our level best to get a mobile Engineer out to assist you within the hour to sort out your petrol in a diesel vehicle issue. Contact the Fuel Medic whether you’re parked up on the fuel station forecourt, stuck slap, bang in the middle of the road, stranded on the hard shoulder of the motorway or safely back on your drive outside your home.


4. Consult a Fuel Medic technician for the very best advice before going to a main dealer or a local mechanic.

In most misfuelling situations where a motorist puts petrol in a diesel car or van or diesel in a petrol vehicle, flushing through the fuel system with fresh fuel will correct the issue without costly engine repairs that take a long time and, we’re sorry to say, most main dealers don’t have the best reputations for looking after your interests if there’s nothing in it for them!


5. Talk to the Fuel Medic for an objective opinion.

If you have encountered our website whilst in the middle of resolving your issue and your car or van is already with your local garage or main dealer, be wary if they contact you to say that your vehicle engine will need expensive repair work, don’t just take their word for it. Speak to our technicians and get an objective, expert opinion. We carry out fuel drains and encounter this type of issue day in day out so we know exactly what to check for with a petrol in a diesel vehicle fuel system situation and in the rare instance where some damage has occurred to a fuel system part and it needs replacing, we can let you know how long it should take, how complex the task is and give you an indication of how much you should be charged by an honest mechanic.

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