Misfuelling Problem? Some Sound Advice

Misfuelling Solutions. Wrong Fuel Birmingham

Vehicle Fuel Drain

If your car or van has been misfuelled, no matter if you are stranded with your vehicle at the fuel station, causing a traffic jam on the main road or have had the vehicle recovered by the RAC or the AA to your home, the Fuel Medic Engineers provide a 24 hour mobile fuel drain and system recovery service, aiming to get out to you within an hour (this is dependent upon the location of your vehicle and with priority to emergency or potentially dangerous situations).

Vehicle misfuelling, in some cases, can be a major expense; particularly if you have called a main dealer or a local mechanic who may not even have the best equipment to carry out this particular service, but our highly professional expert Engineers can carry out the correct process at a competitive rate, call us today if you would like a quotation for your model of misfuelled car or van.

High Tech Fuel System Drain Vehicles

All of our high tech vans have been fully equipped at great expense so that our Engineers can carry out the most efficient fuel evacuation service as safely as possible. Our Engineers are all proud to demonstrate the system and always make sure that our vans and the high tech equipment contained are kept spotless and are well maintained to keep them consistently in perfect condition. This means that we can supply the best possible service to motorists, when misfuelling happens with their car or van, who are more often than not, in a position where they need to get going again as soon as possible.

Engine Problem Diagnostics

When misfuelling occurs, this can cause problems with the ECU or Engine Control Unit. If you’re in this situation, by utilising our engine diagnostics equipment we can connect up a notebook with the correct software for your particular car or van to the engine management system and conduct a full system diagnostics check for any damage caused by misfuelling the car or van and then reset the system to its original factory default settings.

Our Procedures Won’t Invalidate Your Car or Van Warranty

The contaminated or wrong fuel draining system used by our Engineers is completely compliant with ATEX, DSEAR & HSE regulations and is also fully certified by the Department of Transport for the transportation of dangerous goods (i.e. contaminated fuel) and any of the procedures that we would normally carry out on the misfuelled car or van will in no way cause your vehicle warranty to become invalid.


Disposing of Contaminated Fuel

All Fuel Medic Engineers are fully trained and licensed to carry out removal, to subsequently store and correctly dispose of contaminated fuel that has been removed from a misfuelled car or van.

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