Wrong Fuel Advice

OK so your at the petrol station you have started filling your car with fuel you have a glance round the forecourt its a busy day all of a sudden you look down and the nozzle is green!! You let go of the trigger and your nightmare is confirmed its the wrong fuel its Unleaded. Its at this stage people make different decisions,some people replace the nozzle and think its OK I have only put £20.00 in i’m sure its OK to just fill the vehicle up with Diesel.This is unfortunately the wrong decision but i can not believe the amount of people who call me asking for advice saying “I’ve just put the wrong fuel in my car is it OK to just fill with the right stuff”. Now at this stage people don’t always take my advice to get the wrong fuel drained by a professional fuel drain company for some reason they take the advice of a bloke on the next petrol pump who’s mate “once got away with it” so they fill the vehicle with the correct fuel as they have also called there mate who has told them the petrol “will float on top of the diesel”.There are two points here- your second biggest purchase (your car) does not belong to the bloke on the pump next to you and although he may be trying to put your mind at rest, we are no longer in 1985 and your vehicle does not run correctly with “a bit of unleaded”.Secondly its a myth that unleaded floats on diesel its moving around in your tank and mixes, you will also loose the diesel you are about to pay for as well as the unleaded which makes the whole mistake more expensive.You would be surprised how many people ring for advice and then ring back an hour later saying they are at home they filled the vehicle with the correct fuel after speaking to us and there vehicle is either running ruff or wont restart.Also to be taken into consideration is most diesel vehicles run with a high pressure fuel pump usually found in the engine bay which is lubricated by the diesel and even a small amount of petrol can strip the lubrication out of the pump,which is why most fuel drain companies will supply a fuel additive with the fresh fuel once the tank and fuel system has been drained and flushed through. Here at Wrong Fuel UK we are not judgmental after many years of dealing with people we understand your not always thinking clearly after filling with the wrong fuel and no matter what decision or mistake you have made we can put your vehicle right and have you back on the road again in no time. All our technicians are fully licensed qualified mechanics with years of experience in dealing with any type of vehicle whether its petrol in diesel or diesel in petrol give us a call even if its just for advice on 07792 874631 or 0845 644 7991 we are always happy to help!

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