Warning! Make sure your wrong fuel drain engineer has the proper equipment.

Filled up with the wrong fuel? Check that your

Engineer has the best fuel drain equipment

We felt obliged to pass on some important points about forecourt fuel drain best practice and fuel evacuation Engineers because of our recent experiences with some downright dangerous antics of a few individuals claiming to be involved in the fuel drain industry, in order to try and protect our clients and other members of the public. If you have just put the wrong fuel type in your vehicle, you’re probably experiencing a high level of stress. A fellow motorist or the fuel station forecourt staff may have given you a business card for a wrong fuel evacuation company or you may have located someone who claims to be able to assist on your smart phone and just picked whichever website was on top of Google that day for your location.

Avoid taking an unnecessary risk

Sadly, as is the case with many industries, there are a few rogues out there claiming to be wrong fuel removal engineers who are not using the correct system drain or safety equipment, putting motorists on forecourts at grave risk. Removing the wrong fuel type from a vehicle requires high end, sophisticated equipment in order to carry out the job properly. If the engineer you call out turns up in a ropey looking vehicle which appears as though the intention is to evacuate fuel from your vehicle fuel tank into a dodgy looking plastic barrel with dirty or damaged equipment, then it would be in your best interests to turn them away. They are undoubtedly unlicensed, have little or no experience of doing the job properly and safely and are breaking the law. If something should go wrong with the job, you will have absolutely no come back and could be thousands out of pocket. Contaminated fuel should only be evacuated from a vehicle into a specially constructed steel container (Type Approved, CE Marked, UN Approved and certified for the transport of dangerous goods) using the correct type of well maintained equipment. We are all more than aware that petrol is a volatile, flammable liquid and anyone handling a fuel evacuation without putting all necessary safety precautions in place puts all motorists and staff on the fuel station forecourt at very real risk of terrible injury or death.

Any Questions? Our Fuel Evacuation Engineers will happily explain how the system works.

Don’t be shy about asking to take a look at the system used by our Engineers to perform a fuel drain on your car or van before they begin; after all the Engineer will be charging you for the fuel drain they are carrying out on your expensive vehicle. If you find you have any questions or concerns then we would be more than happy to explain exactly how the system works and what we need to do to your car. The Fuel Medic Engineer will readily talk you through our strict set of safety measures when carrying out the evacuation of the wrong fuel from your car or van.

Our mobile units, fuel drain systems and engine problem diagnostics equipment are kept free of dirt and oil and are always functioning to the very best level. Our friendly, professional, experienced engineers will be more than happy to demonstrate this and will explain to you to the system and work to be carried out to make sure that you are comfortable with the work that needs to be done on your vehicle.

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